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December 27, 2011
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Book of Shadows 06 Page 8 by Sandgroan Book of Shadows 06 Page 8 by Sandgroan
A BoS page

Is 'The Wheel of the Year' irrelevant?

In recent times Western Man has become all but divorced from Nature
We are no longer ruled by the cycle of the seasons or the length of day or night
In fact Modern Man is scarcely aware that these periods & phases exist
Today's power systems, with 24 hour lighting, heating & refrigeration, have apparently made Nature & our relationship with her, redundant
At one time, scarcely 100 years ago, these matters were so important that they could affect whether one lived or died
This old Order is still deeply embedded in our Psyche as an Instinct
In Winter we still feel the unconscious influence...
...a withdrawal, a need unmet, to hibernate & fall back on resources gathered during the Year
By contrast in Spring there is a quickening... urgent need to begin preparing for next Winter by sowing, cultivating & gathering - to start anew
In Autumn we gathered together what had been collected & preserved
We prepared to ration out the resources to last through Winter
All this is still present in our inherited Psyche
Subconsciously our bodies take note of lengthening & shortening days & regulate our systems appropriate to the Season
The effect of, say, Winter Blues, are nowadays seen as an inconvenience, or even a malfunction
At one time the slowing down & resulting conservation of resources was all-important to ensure survival through the harsh times of Winter
These strong survival instincts have served mankind well for thousands of years
Suddenly, it appears, we no longer need them
However we have a nagging suspicion that the old Order could return
There is no guarantee that the new System, born out of Technology, can continue
In fact the indications are that Energy, which fuels Technology, is severely limited... the New Technological Age could easily come to a sudden and rapid standstill
Meaning that those Instincts, those Resources & Nature herself, which today we view an inconvenience...
...could within a generation or two be restored to their former full power & glory
None of this is a certainty, but as you watch Technology frantically thrashing around in its attempts to prolong its existence...
...remember that what went before had a great, long & venerable history
It is possible that a return to Nature could occur
Technology & Science may, one day, be seen as unsustainable & anachronistic anomalies
If this is so & Nature takes her course, then the Wheel of the Year is relevant after all

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kirawine Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
Really thank you for this ^^
Sandgroan Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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